Project planning is the most important part of creating a project for successful results. The objectives and steps you execute in this part will ensure that your project is completed correctly. With project planning, you can form a project management plan. It is a very crucial point to ensure that certain steps are done.

Poor planning can lead to ineffective results, your service or product may not be concluded as you want and it will cause missed deadlines, exceeding the budget, or tasks that are too heavy for your team. Therefore, establishing a solid process in project planning plays a key role in getting the results you want to have.

What is a Project Management Plan?

A project management plan is a document that defines how your team will manage the project according to scope in order to fulfill stated goals. It outlines how a project will be carried out, monitored, and managed during its cycle. The project plan’s goal is to lay out actions and resources that are needed to execute on time and within budget.

Project Planning: 6 Steps for Successful Results
A project management plan is necessary to have successful results.

Simply, project planning is the road plan of your project that allows teams to take an idea and turn it into a product or service. Rushing into the process without a strategy will make everything complicated and hard since there will be no map for employees to follow.

Project planning guarantees that everyone is aware of what will happen next and it gives you a bird’ eye view of every action that has tı be done and how it will be done.

6 Steps for Project Planning

You need to write down and improve all the thoughts you have, but it does not have to be difficult. These simple project planning steps might assist you to visualize and create a strategy.

1. Research

A project plan is more than just a list of deadlines. It is your idea, and you do not want it to be a tall tale! Before you make a project plan, double-check the details. Conduct research based on related subjects. This can range from academic sources to competitor analysis. It will be made your project will start to grow by stepping on a more solid process.

Understanding the project’s outcomes can help you in determining the possible methods and identifying any roadblocks to success.

Share the information you will gather as a result of your research with the people you will work with on your project. A mutual exchange will enable you to set better goals in your project planning. Make sure to have a project management software that has a cloud base file-sharing system. With PeerBie, you can open separate files such as academic, industry, and competitor analysis and let everyone in charge upload their content and findings. Directly comment and craft your ideas in one place.

Project Planning: 6 Steps for Successful Results
You can use PeerBie via IOS and Android applications and on your desktop, anywhere and anytime!

2. Identify & Interview Stakeholders

A stakeholder is anyone who is affected by the results, therefore your project may include several stakeholders. Including:

  • Customers
  • End-users of products
  • Company
  • The team working on the project
  • Sponsors

Meet with the project sponsors if you have, and discuss their expectations. It will greatly help you to establish a scope baseline and budget & timeline scale.

PeerBie allows you to create an external channel where you can communicate, share files and assign tasks with your stakeholders. Track everything within the same platform!

3. Define Roles and Responsibilities

As the next project planning step, you will need to figure out the project’s essential management abilities and competencies. You may create roles and assign duties to particular individuals once decide on your list.

It is important to remember that a position is not the same as a person. In some circumstances, one person can fulfill several responsibilities, in the other way, numerous persons can fulfill similar duties. For example, one person can manage social media, create blog posts and make visual products while you may need multiple software engineers to work on the same development process.

You can assign employees to certain teams and set up a separate digital space for each team with PeerBie! While engineers can share files and work on issue management, your management team can evaluate the process among themselves and assign tasks. Team collaboration and task management processes can be faster than you expect.

4. Decide Project Deliverables

Next, figure out what the project’s exact deliverables or outputs will be. They should be in line with the objective you set forth. Work on your project scope, budget, and timeline. Estimate due dates and plan how you are going to deliver each one, share your resources and budget on those deliverables to meet the project objectives.

Project Planning: 6 Steps for Successful Results
Plan the necessary tasks and assign them with PeerBie!

You will be able to track progress once you make task management. Set firm deadlines for essential deliverables. With PeerBie, you can assign tasks to one or more people according to tasks’ importance and deadline.

5. Set a Project Schedule

Examine each deliverable and identify the set of tasks that must be accomplished in order to finish it. Determine the length of time each job will take, the resources required, and who will be in charge of completing it through the project, expect base scop, deadlines, and overall budget.

Write down the number of possible days it will take to finish each task, share it with the person who will be in charge of it, and let them work on it. Involve your staff and solicit their feedback, make the most of your team’s experience and knowledge. The purpose of project planning is to frame everything so that you can reach the desired result without any problems with your schedule.

6. Present & Get Feedback

It is important that you know how to properly communicate to finalize your project planning. Explain how your strategy meets with expectations of stakeholders. Make sure your presentation is not only focused on one side, have an open dialogue with stakeholders.

Make your project plan transparent and available to all stakeholders, therefore they do not have to contact you for minor modifications.

Have all of your project plan data in one place, like PeerBie.

PeerBie for Project Planning

As a collaboration tool, PeerBie makes it simple to track progress, exchange updates, and make changes without having to schedule meetings. Apart from offering all the tools to make your project plan, it also offers you all your project management needs:

  • Have different workplace pages by departments and teams, so you can switch to all topics in one software
  • Conduct one-on-one or group conversations, no need to use other apps for communication!
  • Experience the gamification of working with the point ladder, which is designed with special algorithms according to the tasks and times! You can reward your employees according to their performance. You can stay in touch with your customers via PeerBie tools.
Project Planning: 6 Steps for Successful Results
Gamification in a workplace, only in PeerBie!
  • With To-Do Lists, you can assign your daily, weekly, and monthly project planning tasks. You can attach necessary files, contents to tasks.
  • With the calendar view, you can see the plan of your whole month and speed up or slow down the process accordingly.
  • You can give the necessary feedback in minutes with the performance reports prepared by PeerBie for you.

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