Getting Tasks Done with PeerBie Project Management

From business owners to freelancers, we all need a way to keep track of our projects and stay on top of deadlines. Whatever you work remotely, hybrid…

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Manage all your projects from a single point. Your Digital Workplace: PeerBie

PeerBie eases the workflow and workload of your business.

Team Collaboration Makes The Perfect Work

Bring teams together on one platform to eliminate communication problems, push projects forward, and get everyone involved. Your project team works in an efficient, transparent, and easy environment with PeerBie

Establish one-on-one or group conversations, and if you have a question, share it with the entire team.



Track Progress with ‘To-Do List’s

Assign, follow and update the status of projects with To-Do Lists.

Specify start and end times for projects so, the entire team is working off the same deadline.

See how many tasks are open or completed.

Manage Every Step

Be aware of every step of the project. You can see which task the employees are dealing with during the day.

Divide the project into sections and follow it step by step.


Send Files

Submit all necessary content for your projects via PeerBie.

Open different files for different titles and send & receive the required information.

Access all content without getting lost on multiple platforms.

Check out Project Archives

Need an Idea? Get instant access to your archived projects and brainstorm.

Mark Milestones

With project sectioning. open separate tabs for parts of your project and follow your project step by step without clutter.

Assign tasks to different people in each of the steps.


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