PeerBie Communication

Whether you work remote, hybrid, or on-site staying in sync with your team and clients can be a breeze with PeerBie’s communication features.

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Log in, choose the contact you want and start messaging!

You can increase productivity by reaching your employees or teammates quickly.

Always stay in the loop due to frequent changes by messaging.

If there is any change in your project or there is a mistake, you can prevent problems from occurring by messaging quickly with everyone involved in the project.

It doesn’t matter whether your device is IOS or Android, you can continue messaging from anywhere with PeerBie which is compatible with both systems.



PeerBie provides instant messaging and team chat by adding external teams or your employees into the software.

Create teams where your teammates can share their ideas and feedback, maintain communication without interruption through these teams.

Connect remote teams with group chats. PeerBie keeps them in constant communication

Remote team members often do not see and meet each other. Connect your team with PeerBie and provide a digital office environment. Let team members get to know each other with private or group messaging.

Better team communication improves employee engagement.


Create group chats where you can talk about the project and tasks.

Share files, pictures, and locations in your private or group chats with PeerBie without needing any other software.

Talk and discuss how your project is proggressing. PeerBie communication vehicles enable you to complete your projects quickly.

Get continuous and instant feedback from your employees.

Share your feedback by staying in 1-on-1 communication.

Create private chats, or a group chats to discuss specific issues.

A smooth flow of communication means quick problem-solving. Identify your problems, improve the process and watch your productivity increase.


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