Performance Management

We help managers be more effective and help employees improve performance and business results.

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Invite your employees to MyWork and start monitoring their performance right away!

Keep track of which task and projects your employees are working on for evaluating performance.

Boost and manage your performance wherever and whenever you want with PeerBie!

Manage your employees performance by defining their roles clearly, providing feedback, and using a reward system.

PeerBie will save you a lot of time in performance evaluations, especially with its fast and clear feedback feature.

Give feedback by commenting, messaging, or communicating through teams.

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Measure employee performance by assigning tasks!

It is very important for performance management to keep track of which tasks and projects your employees are working on.

Keep track of how many hours your employees have worked and which tasks they have completed.

Reward employees for completing their tasks.

Encourage high performance in the long run.

Track the performance of your employees through the point ladder, and you can even reward additional points with PeerBie.

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PeerBie prepares performance reports for you & teams.

Evaluate your own performance by accessing points, to-do lists, and timesheet reports.

Access your daily, weekly, and monthly performance reports with one click.

Easily download your reports to your computer in Excel and PNG format. Improve your performance by visualizing and evaluating real-time data.

Motivate your team with performance management.

Encourage and reward your team members through the point ladder.

You can easily evaluate team members and manage their performance with PeerBie.

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