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You can also manage your tasks on PeerBie.

How to Do Task Management on PeerBie?

  1. Select “To-Do List” on the left side of the homepage
  2. Click on the “…” button
  3. Choose the visibility of the list
  4. Assign a name to the list
  5. Select repeat cycle: daily, weakly, monthly
  6. Select the participation status
  7. Select the post enable status
  8. Click “Create” and your To-Do List is successfully created.
  • You are able to see your tasks in the calendar

Create a Task:

There are two ways to create new tasks:

  1. To-Do List
  2. Select“To-Do List” on the left side of the homepage
  3. Select an existing To-Do List
  4. Create a new task by clicking on the “+” button
  5. Assign a name to the task
  • Subtasks can also be added
  1. On additional options you can do the following:
  • Determine due date and time
  • Repeat cycle: daily, weekly or monthly
  • Assign the task to a project
  • Select priority
  • Select assignee (s)
  • Set a reminder
  1. Files and links etc. can be added to tasks
  2. Click “Post” and your task is created
  • Calendar
  1. Or you can go to the “Calendar”, click the “+” button and create new tasks

Create Sections and Subtasks:

  1. Select a previously created task
  2. Add subtasks and click the “done” button
  3. Add sections and click the “done” button
  • You can put subtasks by dragging them under the sections
  • To-Do lists and tasks can be edited afterwards