Starting a business or a project is exciting, but equally challenging. You need to make are that tasks are done on time and efficiently to ensure continuity and achieve the goal. It can be seen that successful managers and employees also get enough sleep and spare time for themselves among their busy schedules.

So, how are successful businesses able to complete so many tasks and responsibilities without failing any of them? The answer is time management.

From communicating with customers to evaluating employee performance, from arranging meetings to preparing reports – success in businesses and projects can be very difficult and complicated. However, time management helps remain successful work life where you complete your tasks on time while having a ‘me-time‘.

5 Most Important Time Management Tips For Work
Work and life balance is possible with PeerBie

Nevertheless, teams and employees who improve their time management skills will improve the success of the business. Because time management is the key to productivity in every business or start-up.

Good time management enables people to complete more tasks in a shorter period of time, lowers stress, and leads to quality outcomes in any area. Being able to control time will result in self-improvement and goal achievement.

Tips for Time Management

Time management can be very easy. You can lower the stress of the day, week, or even a month with a few tips you need to know and follow. Here are the 10 tips for improving your time management skills:

1. Know Your Time Spent

Knowing what you spend your time on is the first tip to manage it. It will let you know which tasks take how much time and put their order according to how much time you need to devote to them. As a result, you can learn how you should spend your time and accomplish your tasks more smoothly.

For example, you may discover that you spend most of your day preparing reports rather than working on your important project. To prevent this, work on why you are slow or such while preparing reports.

Discover the issues in your work and focus on solving them with time management.

PeerBie prepares daily, weekly, and monthly time reports for individuals. An employee can see how much time they spend and which tasks they spend more time on. Also, leaders can view their team members’ time reports and give them feedback about their performance.

5 Most Important Time Management Tips For Work
Manage your time efficiently

2. Make a To-Do List

Having a list where you can arrange your tasks always can be a time saver. A list keeps you focused and motivated which will lead to completing your tasks faster. Even if you have distractions on your day, a list will keep you on the right track since you will know what’s on the daily agenda.

PeerBie has customizable ‘To-Do’ lists where you can divide your task into groups while setting them a deadline. As a leader of a group or a manager, you can also assign tasks to other members. They can organize their time according to assigned tasks.

3. Plan Ahead

Planning is a critical part of time management. You can see how much time is needed to complete a project while planning steps. Spending a few minutes on planning can transform how you work.

Delegate your tasks on a calendar to visualize your process. PeerBie offers you a calendar view to set your plan not just for a day but for a month. With this feature, you will have an idea of how much workload you can take or you can arrange last-minute tasks without creating a list from the start. At the same time, the calendar can be shared within the workgroup with PeerBie – it becomes easier to organize meetings that fit everyone’s time.

4. Prioritize Tasks

Prioritizing tasks by importance will help you to do them on time. If you finish the easy tasks ahead of time, you may experience stress in completing the difficult work in the remaining time. It will affect your success. Instead, start the day with the most important task.

When you log in to the application, PeerBie, the ‘Start the Day’ option welcomes you. You can see the tasks required to do with their deadline, as the first action in your workday. You can mark what you need during that day and continue your work accordingly.

Do not overthink the urgency of your responsibilities with PeerBie. With the flag feature, you can assign status to tass according to their importance.

5 Most Important Time Management Tips For Work
No more heavy workload with time management

5. Focus

Multitasking might be a good skill for your work. Sometimes being able to do more than one task can save you time but sometimes, too much multitasking can prevent you from doing the tasks you need to complete.

When you are distracted, it will take longer to complete a task which will make everything you plan out of order in time.

Closing all the applications and internet tabs that you do not use and focusing on what you are going to do will allow you to do it faster. If you focus, your work becomes more efficient. With PeerBie, all the project and team management tools you need will be in the same application. You do not need to keep track of them separately. Just open PeerBie and focus on your next task!

6. Use Software Tools for Time Management

Take advantage of the benefits of technology. Make your work easier with the time management tools offered by project and task management applications and software.

  • PeerBie helps track check-ins and check-outs of employees in a day, assessing daily processes and instant communication
  • Notified about the task by your employees or manager and return feedback quickly, without the need for constant meetings
  • Start a group or one-on-one meetings and manage business communication without having to use other applications, or having an email traffic
  • Create and share lists to control the project management process
  • Add your customers to the network, stay in touch with CRM
  • Have an accessible shared database. Share files and store all the necessary information in one place
  • Stay connected at all times. Manage your work with the PeerBie MyWork application which is suitable for Android and IOS systems

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