One of the most important expectations of all employees is to be happy at work, regardless of the sector or field they are in. Where competitors and new business models are established overnight in today’s digital world, one of the biggest competitive advantages of an organization is its employees. It is essential to ensure employee satisfaction in order to get efficiency from employees. A study by Deloitte underlines that only 20% of people love their job and work with passion in the world today.

The situation is not much different on the employee and workplace satisfaction. Research reveals that almost half of the employees do not trust their senior managers and they often think of leaving their position. Workplaces in such situations are lacking happiness and motivation, for this reason, job performances also show bad results.

What Makes People Happy At Work?
Happy employees are more productive.

iOpener Institute’s scientific research titled ‘Science of Happiness at Work’, which has been conducted by more than 50,000 professionals all around the world, says that being happy at work is strongly linked to workplace productivity. If an employee describes themselves as happy at work, compared to other colleagues at the same workplace who describes themselves as unhappy, they are:

  • Works twice as efficiently
  • Feels 6 times more energetic
  • Stays in their current job and position 2 times longer.

Those who feel happy at work say they are fully focused on work 80% of the time, while those who feel unhappy say they are fully engaged at work at a 40% rate.

The founder of the institute also mentions that happiness is not meant by instant bursts of happiness with enthusiasm, since they usually last for 10 seconds. He states that what really contributes to the person and the workplace is to ensure that they have a long-term sense of happiness for their work to develop a positive mindset. According to the results of the research, only if this mentality develops in employees’ minds, a long-term and sustainable change can occur in the workplace.

5 Factors to be Happy at Work

The key to a successful business is not just to focus on customer needs but to ensure employee happiness. You can implement those effective solutions to keep your employees happy and productive:

1. Flexibility and Variation of Work

Allowing employees to switch between workload, tasks, and schedule allows them to disperse monotony and maintain workplace balance. In fact, allowing some work to be done from home is one of the reasons that increase employee happiness and productivity. You can give your employees flexibility and help them maintain their work and life balance with the remote working model. Being able to work in their most efficient hours and their choice of environments enables employees to perform better.

What Makes People Happy At Work?
Remote work offers healthy work and life balance.

Try applications and software designed for remote work. With PeerBie, you can create digital space for your workspace. Your employees can access information resources, see their tasks and stay in touch with their team wherever they are.

2. A Sense of Importance and Progress

Employees want to know that their work has an impact. Informing the employees about the benefits of the work they are doing, how their performance adds value to the workplace will help them to be happy at work.

3. Create a Good Life and Work Balance

Both employers and employees work and live to balance a good job with a good life. Embrace the importance of your work and business no matter what, but do not forget that work does not get successful results if an employee can not live a healthy life without stress factors.

4. Give Support and Opportunites

Although employees demand autonomy, they need support. For example, it will make them happy at work if you let them designate some of their own work. In addition, you can determine the strategic parts, the end date of the work, and other criteria to support your employees’ performance. An environment where everyone supports each other is also essential.

What Makes People Happy At Work?
Congratulating each other will create a positive environment.

5. Recognition

According to one study, 82% of employees surveyed are more satisfied with their job when they accept the recognition. Saying ‘thank you and appreciating the people you work with will make your team productive and happy at work.

PeerBie for Creating a Happy Workplace

Add many positive aspects to your business with the innovations of technology. PeerBie as a collaboration and task management software allows your employees to be in an environment where they can be productive and active while allowing managers and team leaders to easily track their tasks and performance. Thus, employees do not feel stressed by a constant e-mail, and workflow becomes smoother.


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