In today’s market where competition is very high, companies must have efficient and sustainable working techniques. Due to the multitude of work to be done and the shortage of qualified employees, an excessive workload can sometimes be imposed on the employee. This is exactly why workload management needs to be planned very well.

One of the most important factors in the management of workload is to benefit from technology. Software such as PeerBie, the business management software, also makes workload planning much easier.

A wrong workload costs time, money and people loss.

What is Workload?

Workload is roughly the amount of work to be done in an organization per person. The workload, which can change according to the position of the employee and the company, can sometimes be quite heavy.

Heavy workload harms both the employee and the organization over time. Excessive workload causes the person to work too much physically and mentally. First of all, it negatively affects the employee psychologically and reduces the productivity of the employee. Afterwards, the assigned tasks cannot be completed, and half left. Then the organization, which suffers financial losses, also faces the risk of losing its employees. In the end, this situation adversely affects both the organization and the employee very badly.

What is Workload Management?

Why Is Proper Workload Management Important?

The main purpose of the workload management is the correct division of the works that need to be completed and their assignment to the right people. It is necessary to clearly define the work that needs to be done and distribute it correctly. Proper planning of the work and methods to be done reduces the workload of the employee. In this way, available resources are managed correctly and productivity increases.

According to Gallup’s research, 5 main causes of burnout in the workplace:

  1. Unfair treatment at work
  2. Unmanageable workload
  3. Lack of role clarity
  4. Lack of communication and support from manager
  5. Unreasonable time pressure

Almost all of the causes determined in the research are the result of mismanagement workload.

As a result of mismanagement of the workload, the employee may feel overwhelmed or can get burned out. Apart from this, the decrease in the efficiency of the employee or the inability to work can also bring the work to a standstill. Workload management is a precaution that can protect the organization and the employee from such dangerous situations.

How to Manage Workload?

There are some methods to properly manage the workload. Some of these can be applied by the leaders for the team, and some are methods that individuals can apply for themselves.

Knowing the Limits

It is also very important for a person to know himself/herself. Being aware of their abilities and knowing their limits can help a person when making a business plan.

If the work is heavy for you and you feel burned out, it may be good for you to take a break and review the process. Maybe this job isn’t for you. Maybe you got your to-do list wrong. Maybe you didn’t set realistic goals and you were too hard on yourself. Maybe you just couldn’t balance your personal and work life.

Avoid Perfectionalism

Trying to do your job perfectly can put pressure on you and make you afraid to start that job. Just do your best and focus on quality. After you’ve completed the job, get critiques of the result you’ve come up with. In this way, you will be closer to doing better and you will have peace of mind.

What is Workload Management?

Planning Tasks

Trying to do many things at the same time prevents both focusing on the work and getting things done properly. It also causes a lot of stress.

Using a planner reduces stress. You can plan your calendar, see your free time, and manage your time better.

You may prefer to use a digital planner such as PeerBie. Digital planners are easy to reach and have many useful features such as setting reminders and teamwork.

Review what you can do to achieve the desired result. Sometimes we add unnecessary details to our tasks to do our job better. Take off the tasks that don’t serve your intended purpose. Get rid of task pollution.

Instead, stay away from multitasking. Assign time slots to tasks and focus on one task at a time. Thus, you can focus comfortably, and you can perform a better job because you are only interested in one task.

Rank the tasks according to their urgency and importance. You can use the Eisenhower Matrix for this.

Eat The Frog

Do them first, rather than leaving the more challenging tasks for the last. Doing simple tasks will be both easier and more fun when you get rid of them first.

Don’t Forget to Take Breaks

It may seem logical to work without a break to get the job done quickly, but it isn’t. Uninterrupted work reduces your productivity and gives you boredom. Making a habit of working without a break can also cause you to feel burnt out.

What is Workload Management?


Leaders also have a great role in the proper management of the workload.

First, listen to the employees. Show that you are a leader open to any suggestions. When your employee has a problem with his/her job, he/she should be able to share it with you.

Secondly, when assigning tasks to your employees, consider their abilities and availability. The employee’s abilities may not be suitable for the job or may be already working hard to complete another task.

Finally, observe and communicate with employees. That way, you can see if he/she is struggling with his/her task and assign someone else to assist.

In addition, don’t forget to tell the person you’re assigning a task about your expectations. Be clear.

Workload Management by PeerBie

PeerBie, the business management software, is very effective in workload management.

Workload Management By PeerBie
Easily manage your organization’s workload by PeerBie.


The most important thing required for good workload management is planning. By PeerBie, you can organize your tasks on the calendar, assign time slots and determine the degree of urgency.


PeerBie can be used personally as well as for teamwork. You can create a team, prepare a to-do list for team, and get things done by staying in touch, whether via video conference or message.


In PeerBie, you can see the calendars of your employees and what tasks they are currently working on,and assign tasks according to the intensity of your employees.

You can assign tasks to your employees, track their progress and evaluate performance.

PeerBie also provides mutual communication facility. Managers can easily send messages to their employees, and employees to their managers.

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