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How to Use Teams on PeerBie?

PeerBie Teams” help required people resources work together. You can create new teams based on a project or a department and also add new members. You may also edit the team settings such as team privacy or visibility.

How to Create a New Team on PeerBie?

The steps you need to follow are:

  1. Select “Teams” on the left side of the home page
  2. Click the “+” icon and create a new team
  3. Choose the team privacy
  4. Assign a name to the team
  5. Describe the reason why the team exists
  6. Choose team’s visibility
  7. Set a profile image describing the team’s focus
  8. Click the “next” button
  9. Choose the members you want to add to the team
  10. At the last stage choose that whether you want group chat and task list created or not
  11. Congratulations! Your new team is created!

How to Edit Teams On PeerBie?

After the team is created, it can be edited.

  1. Select the team you created and click on the “…” button:
  • Edit Team: The team’s settings can be rearranged
  • Delete Team: Deletes the team
  • Mute This Team: Prevents you from receiving group notifications.
  • Invite to Team: Copies an invitation link to the clipboard then you will be able to share it.