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What is Reports on PeerBie? How Does It Work?

PeerBie Reports helps to track organizational performance. It facilitates performance measurement by providing 4 types of reports and filtering systems.

How to Use Reports?

  1. Select “Reports” on the left side of the homepage
  2. Each report table/graphic can be filtered by month/week/day or intervals of time and department/team/individual
  3. Reports can be downloaded in SVG, PNG, CSV formats

There are 4 types of reports:

  1. To-Do Reports: Shows 4 parameters
  • Blue Line: Shows completed tasks
  • Green Line: Shows assigned tasks
  • Yellow Line: Shows the average delay (in days)
  • Red Line: Shows the average duration (in days)
  1. Timesheet Reports: Shows total work time
  2. Issue Reports: Provides issue, enhancement trends on services and products
  3. Point Reports: Shows performance points based on work completed, survey participation etc.