PeerBie Workplace for Remote Teams

PeerBie tool helps you to collaborate with your remote teams. Teamwork without the Office is still productive with PeerBie.

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Remote working increases the productivity of your team with the right tools.

Don’t get lost in dozens of applications and tabs. PeerBie puts all of your work in one platform for you to collaborate and manage from anywhere.

Get a digital workplace that combines communication and projects management with PeerBie.

Remote workers have to manage their work in coordination with other teams. Most of the time, this communication can be complicated by various means. PeerBie solves those obstacles by presenting:

  • Different communication teams – chats with team members
  • Group teams for your team or different departments
  • Video calls within the same app
  • Communicate with your customers by establishing external teams


Measure Working Hours

Remote workers can measure their daily performance and report working hours to their managers.

Create a performance model according to time reports.

Track who starts the day or is offline for the day.

With the ‘start your day’ and ‘end your day’ tool, people work in your digital office PeerBie like a physical office.

All work done, remotely!

Assign anyone on your team to tasks so everyone knows what they need to do. Add multiple assignees to tasks, set subtasks, and track progress from your Dashboard.


Make your stand-up meetings more efficient… and everything in general!

Remote working culture requires good communication and coordination. Extending meetings can cause you to use your time inefficiently.

Remote workers can hold daily stand-up meetings with the video conference service and see where things are going with PeerBie only.


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