Use this checklist to prepare for your PeerBie Mywork launch.

1. Get Your Execs Ready

  • Get the backing of executives early and involve them in the launch.
  • Hold a PeerBie Mywork training session with executives and leadership teams.
  • Get buy-in from your CEO  to send a  pre-launch and launch day email to encourage colleagues to claim their PeerBie Mywork account.

Pro-tip: Share the PeerBie Mywork Executive Guide with the executive team to help them prepare for PeerBie Mywork.

2. Get Technical

  • Whitelist emails and domains.
  • Add people to PeerBie Mywork using  IDP, Active  Directory,  or spreadsheet.
  • Set your authentication method — single sign-on if linking with your identity provider,  and username and password if not.

Live training: Get all your PeerBie Mywork Admins to attend the free live training  “PeerBie Mywork Admin  Fundamentals”.

3. Get Your Champions Ready

  • Add  5–10%  of your company early as   “Champions”   to  set  the  foundations.
  • Identify  5  key use cases for your organization that your  Champions can put into practice on PeerBie Mywork.
  • Check out the  Ways to Work for inspiration. Encourage Champions to create Teams and add descriptions and content to set the tone and purpose.

Pro-tip: For the best results, diversify your champions and include employees from all areas and levels.

Live training: Get all your Champions to attend the free live training “WP Basics: How to Work in PeerBie Mywork”.

4. Set Up Your Teams

  • Set up teams based on distribution lists,  teams,  departments,  and locations.
  • Assign at least  2  admins for each team who can act as team owners.
  • Pre-add people to  Teams using  People  Sets,  manual CSV, or default Teams.

Pro-tip: Add staff to at least 6  Teams before sending them a PeerBie Mywork invitation.

5. Build Momentum

  • Prepare a pre-launch comms campaign to highlight the benefits of PeerBie Mywork.  Use the template Launch  Communication  Plan as your blueprint.
  • Tell people about content and events exclusively on PeerBie Mywork.
  • Have executives send communications announcing the launch.

Pro-tip: Tailor messaging to different audiences. For example, highlight PeerBie Mywork’s mobile-first approach to appeal to executives and deskless workers.

Live training: Join the Strategic Communicationslive training to learn best practices for connecting and engaging employees with PeerBie Mywork.