Launch Checklist

Use this checklist to celebrate your launch, educate your staff and drive PeerBie MyWork adoption.

Make sure you join our How to Launch PeerBie Mywork live training before launch!

1. Celebrate Your Launch

  • Have your  CEO  send an email to announce the launch of   PeerBie Mywork and post a welcome video in your company-wide Team to welcome people to PeerBie Mywork.
  • Throw a party on launch day and run contests to encourage people to activate their profiles.
  • Make PeerBie Mywork everyone’s browser homepage on launch day.

Pro-tip: Why not tie PeerBie Mywork actions into charity donations? For example, you could donate $1 to charity for every PeerBie Mywork mobile app download.

2. Communicate Clearly

  • Use the  Launch   Communication  Kit to get the message out across multiple teams,  such as posters,  emails,  and events.
  • Have leaders send emails to staff with clear calls to action to join PeerBie Mywork.
  • Move  all  company  announcements  into  PeerBie Mywork  and  send out emails linking   people  to  PeerBie Mywork to find out more

Pro-tip: Showcase PeerBie Mywork’s value to your organization by sharing 5 business-critical use cases.

3. Empower Your Champions

  • Empower  Champions to promote activity in the Teams they create.
  • Encourage champions to share their own PeerBie Mywork tips and best practices in their team  Teams.
  • Ensure people managers are pushing communications solely on PeerBie Mywork using team Teams and 1:1 Teams with direct reports.

Pro-tip: Have your champions lead contests by region or department, boosting claims with friendly competition.

4. Speed Up Adoption

  • Set PeerBie Mywork to be everyone’s default homepage.
  • Temporarily change everyone’s desktop backgrounds to remind them to claim their PeerBie Mywork accounts.
  • Hold PeerBie Mywork training sessions on launch day and have IT available to answer any questions.