Project management is teamwork. In order to manage a project professionally, many elements must be fulfilled by experts. Team members must work together harmoniously by developing good communication and work techniques. Online collaboration tools connect team members no matter where they are. Team members who always stay in touch perform project management conveniently and successfully with planning that suits the purpose.

What is Online Collaboration?

Collaboration means that two or more people divide tasks among themselves to achieve a certain goal while staying in touch while maintaining the job. Online collaboration, on the other hand, means being able to continue that collaboration without being bound by barriers of time and place.

The concept of productivity has become even more important with technology in our lives. The secret of successful companies in today’s business world is that they have a method on how to increase their productivity. When we look at these companies, we see that technology is being used effectively. This is where online collaboration tools come into play.

Especially after the pandemic, the use of online collaboration tools has increased. According to the reports of various companies, the use of such applications increases the efficiency of the organization. Such collaboration tools not only increase productivity, but also enable you to profit in many areas.

Online Collaboration Tools

What is Project Management?

Projects are organizations that have a certain budget and expectations and involve various disciplines so that a successful output is sought. Achieving the desired outcome requires good leadership, good teamwork, a good plan, and a variety of tools and techniques that can be used in different situations. Successful project management requires not only these, but also harmonious project collaboration.

How Do Online Collaboration Tools Work?

Healthy project management has two important components without which successful results cannot be achieved: a good plan and a collaborative team.

Regardless of whether the team members working on a joint project are remote or in the office, using collaboration tools firstly saves time to begin with. With video conference feature meetings can be held, files can be shared without interruption, deadlines can be set, to-do lists can be created, and actions can be taken directly.

There are many collaboration tools designed for different purposes. Some focus only on communication, others only on to-do lists. Some are multi-functional like PeerBie. Once you figure out what you need, you can choose the tool that’s right for you.

Which Collaboration Tool to You Choose?

It is a fact that not every company that uses business management software makes a profit. It can be explained by various factors such as the structure of that organization, the market in which it is in, etc. However, it is found that employees use more than one tool and complain that they are constantly on the move, when productivity does not increase, but decreases, and this is despite the fact that the project management tool is used.

The main reason is that the tool used does not meet the needs of the organization. For example, another tool is used for file sharing, another tool is used for video conferencing, and another tool is used for teamwork. This can be quite exhausting. It makes more beneficial to use compact, multifunctional tools instead.


Online Collaboration Tools

How to Increase Efficiency in Project Management?

Using online collaboration tools for project management is very beneficial for an organization as they contribute to the organization and strengthen teamwork.


Leadership is important in any organization, not just in project management. The role of the leader in increasing productivity by motivating employees should not be underestimated. Even if constant motivation is not possible, the leader should help and energize team members when they are exhausted.

A good manager should not only think about the company’s profit, but also about the team members’ health. A fair attitude and tasks that take into account the situation of employees are signs of a good leader.

With PeerBie, you can monitor the calendars of the employees in your team and take this into account when assigning tasks, so you do not burden your employees with an excessive workload and reduce their productivity. PeerBie makes task management easier for you.  You can track the daily performance of your employees, you can give extra points to motivate them, and you can also reward them by performing a performance analysis.


The key to successful project management is proper communication. An environment where your employees can freely express their ideas means they can reflect their creativity. They can suggest more efficient techniques and ideas.

With PeerBie, you can organize video conferences with your team members. If you want, you can also use Zoom thanks to its integration with Zoom. Instead of dealing with official and boring emails every time, you can contact everyone in your organization by creating a group chat or an individual chat. You can make suggestions, organize polls, share posts, and get your employees’ opinions by opening comments.


When you start a project, the plan becomes your map. A good plan helps you use your resources effectively. It prevents factors that can negatively affect productivity, such as confusion, stress, and pressure. A well-developed plan that aligns with company goals and the work that needs to be done also promotes collaboration. Increased collaboration strengthens teamwork if the division of labor is done to the right people.

PeerBie offers you the opportunity to create separate teams and project areas for each project and set common goals with your teammates. With your personalized calendar, you can add your tasks and deadlines within the team to your calendar.

Team Members

Team members should have professional skills that can contribute to the desired outcome. The fact that each of the members is a team player, increases the harmony in the collaboration. The fact that the team members are not only compatible but also match each other in terms of personality is also one of the factors affecting productivity.

Business management applications, such as PeerBie, offer a digital office environment that allow team members to stay in touch through uninterrupted communication. Any team member can easily enlist the help of a colleague in case of difficulties, be it through video calls, messaging or file sharing.

Time management

Time management is another critical aspect of project management. There are deadlines for most projects and tasks. Tasks must be completed within the allotted time with high efficiency. Since time is the most important resource, it should be planned very well.

PeerBie also simplifies your time management. With “Start the Day” and “End the Day” commands, you can see how long you have worked during the day. You can create personal tasks, add deadlines and easily add them to your calendar. With the “Start Task” and “End Task” commands you can easily track how much time you have allocated to each task.

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