We all are aware that the mind and body are connected. In today’s world that employees are expected to excel and to do that one needs a healthy body as well as a healthy mind. Yet how many employees do care about it? Have you heard about office exercises before?

On the contrary, we can say most of the employees are inactive mostly because of the jobs that make them forget how best results happen. We need our body and mind to function to do anything. Therefore, office exercises are a must. We can not let go of our physical body and expect the best from it as well. Office exercises on regular basis can save you from multiple diseases such as diabetes and cardiovascular problems as well as mental health problems. Let’s go through how office exercises can be helpful.

Office exercises are free and has no side-effects
Office exercises are free and has no side-effects

1. It saves your mental health

While having its benefits to physical health it is proven that a little exercise routine that is incorporated into your life can improve your mental health too. This can lead to other positive externalities such as an increase in mood, creativity, productivity, and quality of social life. It is well known that exercising helps to release hormones that make you feel good namely, endorphins, serotonin, and dopamine. Try to add a little office exercise routine to your workday to decrease the chances of depression as well, it is free and does not have side effects!

2. A simple office exercise routine will protect your brain

Humans naturally expect a decrease in their cognitive skills and performance over time. If we just stand there and do not push ourselves that will without no doubt happen to the best of us. Exercising is related to an increase in focus, function, and memory. Your office exercise routine simply will help you to guard yourself against the effects of time.

It’s worth mentioning that exercising is associated with higher energy levels. Once you start a routine you will notice that you feel less tired at the end of the workday. It probably will push you out of your comfort zone but the moment you make a habit of it, office exercise can turn into something exciting as well. Play with your routine and have fun with it.

3. Reduces the number of visits to your doctor

Are you familiar with constant medical visits? Do you need to call in sick regularly while you are working? Of course, later you are drowned in piled work and may be less time to handle things. Professional life can already be quite stressful, we doubt that you need more in this case. Modern-day health issues come with the modern and inactive way of living and working. It’s really rare to not hear about someone having back pain, posture problems, trouble breathing, or even coming down with flu.

Compared to our ancestors who had to endure harsher conditions you may ask why are we more sensitive now. Well, possibly our ancestors did not have office jobs that made them sit through the day. They had to walk everywhere, and they were constantly having interactions with nature which almost magically reduces stress levels in humans. Basically they were in a routine that helped them to exercise. How would you not expect to not see the effect of the absence of the things that we needed for centuries? We still do need them or at least compensate for their absence as much as possible.

Seated exercises makes a lot of difference
Seated exercises makes a lot of difference

Starting today try to give yourself a chance to try an office exercise. You do not even need a lot of space, even seated office exercises would work. A regular exercise routine is positively correlated to an improved immune system and blood flow. Your cardiovascular system, your kidneys, and your liver -which are tired of the pills you consume due to avoidable infections you suffer- will thank you.

4. Healthier sleep

If you are not one of the rarest members of the employee community, we have a little guess that you are friends with caffeine. Most employees use more than one cup of coffee, tea, or any caffeinated drink of choice. You probably use them to work as well as relax when you came home from work or after you shut your pc to end your shift. You may turn on the tv or check your phone to have your me-time and exposed to blue light unknowingly. These habits can negatively affect your sleeping quality.

On the other hand, exercising is linked to improved sleep. For example, if you commit to office exercises long enough it can create improvements in the duration that is needed to fall asleep as well as decrease the times of waking up. Imagine waking up fresher and better, with the help of office exercises you will naturally perform better.

5. Decreases stress levels

Even though the amount may be different based on the line of work you are employed in, it is highly possible that you are experiencing some level of stress. Whether it is moderate or high there is a solution to that discomfort. Of course, if experienced in healthy amounts stress can be a boost factor.

Office exercises can help with posture
Office exercises can help with posture

Yet over-stressing can be really uncomfortable and can damage both mental and physical health. It may not be only about work even city life can be stressful. Exercise again, help with that too. Exercising triggers the body to decrease the stress hormones and office exercises in the long-term can contribute to your endurance against stress. It can also help to decompress your spine by leading you to a better posture and bringing back your confidence which helps with stress as well. Plus, it saves you time. You can’t commit a whole hour to your exercise practices? Try sparing only ten minutes in work for office exercise every day!

Exercise will increase endurance against stress
Exercise will increase endurance against stress

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