PeerBie Workplace for Non Profit Organization

Discover how PeerBie can help your non-profit organization manage projects and tasks with ease. With a range of customizable options, your team will be able to work together without any difficulties.

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Manage your world-changing work on your PeerBie MyWork.

PeerBie meets all needs for non-profit organizations with:

Combining employees and volunteers in the same place by creating a digital workplace.

Efficiency reports help you determine an organization’s strategy and performance.

Multiple people can into the workspace using internal ad external teams such as:

  • Volunteer
  • Project Partner
  • Donor
  • Sponsor


Follow your projects day by day and take action when needed.

Manage your activities such as video conferences, meetings, events through PeerBie MyWork.

Using the To-Do List service, you can assign tasks to your volunteers and keep them informed with notifications.

Share announcements with one click with your members and inform them of all progress made.

Manage files on a single system on Collections Service with PeerBie.


With its user-friendly interface, you can easily benefit from PeerBie’s functions on both desktop and mobile applications. Such as :

  • Employee Directory (Employees List)
  • Departments, Directorates
  • Teams (Communication between roles and teams)
  • Project management
  • Task Management
  • A sense of belonging to a community
  • Announcements
  • Performance management
  • File Management ( Collections )
  • Professionalism for nonprofits
  • Digital transformation – thus saving time and money

Communicate with your volunteers.

Keep your volunteers informed by communicating through teams. Run your projects together and increase their sense of belonging.

Inform contributors on what you are doing.

With the external team module, identify the audience you will include as collaborators in your workspace and make them aware of your activities.

Gather your files in one place

Allow anyone working within your organization to access files according to their authorization and collect your files in one place.

For Whom?

  • Non-Governmental Organizations Employees
  • Non-Governmental Organization Volunteers
  • Benefactors (Individual / Institutional)
  • Funding Institutions (European Union, Development Agency)

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