PeerBie Neighborhood

Join to your Neighborhood network now!

“PeerBie My Neighbourhood” is an application that brings neighbors, local​ merchants, municipality under the same roof with all the much needed services for neighborhoods. This application allows residents to get the most out of their neighborhoods. 


Use classifieds to sell what you don’t need in your neighborhood. Give recommendations for local businesses, find that plummer that your neighbor is so satisfied with, stay in the loop with important neighborhood updates from local police, local government. 

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Follow local events!

Create new channels and communicate efficiently and securely. Channels can be for anything, such as hobbies, sports, news updates. Create new events or follow local events. Communicate instantly one on one or within a group using messaging services. 

Discover your neighbours!

We have a lot to learn from each other! Discover your neighbours in your neighbourhood! Never miss important information about your neighbourhood, special days and events! One application with all you need to make your living much more pleasent.