PeerBie Immigrant

Join to your Immigrant network now!

“PeerBie Immigrants” is an application that brings immigrants together at all​ corners of the world to fulfill their special needs. 

In fact, we are all immigrants!

The application is equipped with features for immigrants, expats, travellers, ethnic businesses, embassy and consular staff. It focuses on the motto: “In fact, we are all immigrants!” 

Bringing immigrants together

Thanks to Immigrant application immigrants now can discover other immigrants and share experiences, learn from each other. Application is equipped with services to increase the quality of life for immigrants. 

What is in it?

The “Immigrants” application also includes features such as business directory, job postings, physician and lawyer directory. Users can give away stuff or put items on sale within the community. Users can create channels for private communications within the application. Channels can be about their city, their hometown, politics, immigration laws, well basically about anything. 

Şimdi İndir


Experience sharing

We all know how important it is to find the right people and learn from their precious experiences. Application allows immigrants find fellow immigrants who have been there and done that. 

Bridges past and present

The “Immigrants” application, not only help with your new country but allows you to be connected with your hometown. You can follow others, message privately, broadcast news, discuss on various topics.