Launching Successfully

Follow the Five Pillars of Success to ensure a successful PeerBie MyWork launch to your organization.

Launching PeerBie MyWork is the first step in transforming the way your organization communicates, collaborates, and gets work done. Our PeerBie MyWork launch methodology is easy to follow and is based on thousands of successful PeerBie MyWork deployments. Follow these steps to ensure a successful PeerBie MyWork launch and download the Pre-Launch, Launch, and Post-Launch Checklists to help you stay on top of launch requirements:

  • Pre-Launch checklist (K)
  • Launch checklist (K)
  • Post-Launch checklist (K)

The methodology to launch PeerBie MyWork is based on Five Pillars of Success that should be completed within 30 days of your planned launch to create a self-sustaining and thriving community on MyWork. We will go into each pillar in more depth in subsequent articles.

1- Executive Engagement (B4)

Having executives ready to lead by example and show their support in this initiative will be critical to achieving high levels of engagement and trust. Best practices include:

  1. Run an Executive Workshop with your C-suite to go over the goals and how to use of PeerBie MyWork
  2. Post a CEO Welcome Video for all team members to see when they first log in to PeerBie MyWork
  3. Schedule your CEO to go Live on PeerBie MyWork the week of launch and promote it to encourage each member of your organization to claim their PeerBie account

2- Technical Integration (B5)

A strong technical integration ensures that your PeerBie MyWork is secure (e.g. accounts are automatically enabled for new joiners and disabled for anyone who leaves your organization) and reduces the administrative burden of maintaining the community. Best practices include:

  1. Whitelist email domains and URLs
  2. Manage employee accounts and their access
  3. Fuel PeerBie MyWork usability with integrations to simplify and automate workflows

3- Workflows and Team Structure (B6)

Creating a foundation of teams that mirror your organizational structure will prevent team duplication and unused teams from being created. We recommend coming up with a naming convention for your core teams as well to facilitate searching. Best practices include:

  1. Create core foundational working teams with employees added to their relevant teams
  2. Bring repetitive or common workflows into Workplace (HR/IT Helpdesk questions for example)
  3. Create announcement teams for the wider company and individual teams that are moderated to control the content quality

4- Communication Strategy (B7)

PeerBie MyWork should not be “just another tool” your organization launches. Make the ‘why’ of using PeerBie MyWork clear by highlighting the benefits for your employees and how PeerBie MyWork aligns with your business goals. Your communication strategy should include multiple teams (online, print, PeerBie MyWork, etc.) and messaging for pre-launch, launch and post-launch. Best practices include:

  1. Draft your communication plan using multiple teams and tailored for different audiences and launch stages
  2. Send communication materials to relevant locations and prepare videos to be used on launch week
  3. Prepare internal engagement campaigns for the month following your launch to remind members of your organization to claim their accounts and highlight how using PeerBie MyWork can benefit them

Use our template Launch Communication Plan (K) to design your own communication strategy.

5- Early Champions and Training (B8)

Having early adopters and influencers supporting the change management across locations and departments guarantees that the value of PeerBie MyWork is understood faster while reducing administrative work on your side. We recommend having 5%-10% of your total employee size as champions. Best practices include:

  1. Identify 5-10% of champions and invite them to PeerBie MyWork at least two weeks before launch
  2. Train champions on how to use PeerBie MyWork for work and their important role to shape the community before you launch to the whole company
  3. Ensure Champions create and add content in teams relevant to their teams so when others are invited they see relevant content already in the teams

Tip: Once you invite your champions to join PeerBie MyWork be careful not to keep them in the platform for longer than 4 weeks without inviting the rest of your organization to avoid loss of momentum. PeerBie MyWork works best when your whole organization is using it.

Key takeaways

Following the Five Pillars of Success will ensure you have a successful PeerBie MyWork launch.