The last thing a manager wants during a busy week is an hour or two wasted in an unproductive team meeting. When asked what would be the most effective way to be unproductive, the thought of “bad team meetings” will cross your mind. Meetings today consume more working hours than ever before,  managers today spend about half their week in meetings. How many of you attended meetings that jumped from topic to topic without a clear action plan at the end of the meeting? If you are more confused about the meeting than when you arrived, please raise your hand.

How to Make Team Meetings More Efficiently?

Team meetings don’t have to be something we fear and put up with. They don’t have to be something we go in and out of. Find ways to make meetings that produce real and tangible results much more deliberate, energizing and productive.

How to Lead Team Meetings More Efficiently?

Here are 6 tips for managers to have an efficient, effective, and beneficial team meeting for everyone involved:

1. Create Clear Purpose for the Meeting

Setting goals is one of the most challenging tasks to have an effective and productive team meeting. This is because many meetings are held without a clear purpose or even an agenda. Some meetings simply happen because someone may have decided to hold a weekly status meeting.

Attending such meetings can make the meeting feel like your time is wasted, especially without a clear understanding of what the meeting is about, what its agenda is, or meeting priorities.

2. Host the Right People

Look back at the last meeting you were in… Was the meeting full of people who were “making the numbers” or was it full of people contributing and providing input?

To lead a truly productive team meeting, take time to consider who will be involved. You want people in the room who will add value, make an active contribution, have background knowledge, try to take action, and be directly affected by the outcome of the meeting. Focus on getting people into meeting rooms that will contribute productively, not passive guests.

How to Make Team Meetings More Efficiently?
How to Make Team Meetings More Efficiently?

3. Be a Leader

Whatever the purpose of the meeting, someone in the room should be involved in running and directing the meeting. This person will set the agenda for the meeting, ensure that the issue will not be resolved, and ensure that the meeting stays within the agreed timeframe. They usually report progress, clarify what should happen after the meeting, and get commitments from people at the meeting on future action steps.

If no one is taking control, some people may dominate the meeting and stop the silent personalities from contributing.

4. Invite Your Employees Based on Their Strengths

Not everyone in your company or team is available for every meeting.

A great tip for creating productive meetings is to be clear about what meetings should and shouldn’t be a part of team members. Don’t just think about filling the room, be selective about inviting people you know to make the biggest contribution. We all have different strengths.

Some of your team members may be great at brainstorming meetings, while others may be stressed out at the idea of participation. The same is true for process and status meetings. When it comes to making the biggest impact out of the meeting, it’s important to consider what energy you want in the room and who can bring the right value to the meeting.

How to Make Team Meetings More Efficiently?

5. Have Clear Action Steps at the End

Go back to the last meeting you had, it’s likely to be great conversations, valuable input, and insights. But what happened at the end of the meeting? Have you all gone your separate ways, or have clear action steps and responsibilities been identified? It’s helpful to take a moment at the end of each meeting for everyone to share their greatest insight. This strengthens contribution and collaboration and allows everyone to step away from the meeting and have a clear perspective on the value of the meeting.

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