Good time management is vital in work life. Having that skill you become self-disciplined, productive, and balanced which are very significant in work life. In today’s world, many people think that they are not managing their time productively. They agree that they are not good at time management and their work ends up with an undesired failure. But, don’t worry, taking into consideration the following steps, you can handle your tasks on time and be productive in your life.

Time Management and Success
Time Management and Success

What Are The Common 6 Time Management Mistakes?

Time management guarantees success in workplaces. When you manage your time; you find yourself working more focused and fruitfully. However, many people miss it with simple mistakes. In the following writing, we will learn the common time management mistakes which block you from productively working.

 1. Failing to Prioritize

Having too many options is complicating time management. When you do not prioritize the tasks of that day you can finish up overwhelmed with too many options. However, prioritizing the tasks according to emergencies and requirements will help you to a great extent. You can divide your day and take clear notes of which part to finish. Unless there is a sudden emergency do not change your schedule.

2. Managing Distractions

To manage distractions you must make a plan for the day. Create a to-do list and do not allow any other task to distract you. At least, in the first weeks make the to-do list your priority. Otherwise, the extra job will distract you and affect your effectiveness at what you are already doing. In the end, you can find yourself at the office working till midnight and still not very effective at what you are doing.

 3. Improper Planning

Improper planning causes a bad work environment. Having that handicap prevents you to manage time. No matter how ambitious you are to finish a task unless you plan the steps, it will not be possible to end the task on time. Always have your plan before starting the week. Benjamin Franklin says that “If you fail to plan, you plan to fail.”

Plan your day beforehand.
Plan your day beforehand.

4. Overcommitting

Overcommitting mostly results from not saying “no”. Before taking responsibility for a new task check your calendar. Foresee if you can manage it. See the implications, see the time that you are supposed to spare, and see how you can be effective for the task meanwhile having the others in hand. When you say “no” and “yes” always mean it.

5. Procranasting

One of the biggest reasons behind poor time management is procranasting. It usually happens because of fear of failure or not being motivational. You may think when I procrastinate I will not face failure. But, it can be easily solved by developing your skills in that subject. So, always be courageous to face with lacks. And, when you do not feel motivated to do something, give some breaks to yourself. The point here is that you must always clearly decide how long your break will take and when you will go back to the task.

6. Lacking Resources

You must feed your work with resources. When you lack resources, you can’t productively do your work. Besides it, you can lower your morale towards the work. Before starting to a work, prepare all the resources. Be sure that you have enough for the rest of the work. It will not help you to search for resources meanwhile doing your work. Guarantee everything before the start.

Peerbie Lets You Manage Your Time

Peerbie offers you ultimate time management to track your time efficiently. You can follow how many hours you and your teammates work, and on which task they focus. Also, you can easily compare working hours to other days and measure your development. You can receive daily, weekly, and monthly reports which show which tasks you work on and how much time you spare. It is very beneficial to see how you divide your day. Maybe you are spending much time on a task that does not need much attention. It greatly helps you to give feedback to yourself.

Time Management
Time Management

Calendars are inseparable parts of work. In Peerbie, you can see your calendar. You can note your meetings, important tasks, and events. Checking it before starting the day gives you the chance to productively manage your time. Apart from that, your teammate will see your calendar, which will prevent confusion in arranging meetings together. With the help of that, you will find the perfect available time to work together.


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