Sales performance management (SPM) is a great tool for tracking and understanding more of your company’s sales. Considering that the industries are fast-forwarding on digitalization in processes we should easily say that sales performance management software soon enough may completely replace other solutions and tools that sales leaders are fond of. If you are wondering how to step up your sales management game and grasp the most modern solutions, you are at where you need to be. Take a look at our quick guide for sales management secrets to successfully reshape your business’ sales process with the help of a sales management software.

What is Sales Performance Management Software?

Sales performance management software is a multipurpose tool that is based on real-time data and works to digitalize, automate and efficiently fixate the sales processes. It’s a data-led solution to monitor your company’s sales performance as well as implement a further analyse of your sales representatives, customers’ behaviour and shorten the decision-making process that is needed to build an adequate strategy to cover all.

Data-led approaches helps you to design better sales strategies
Data-led approaches helps you to design better sales strategies

Why is Sales Performance Management Important?

Sales performance management software contributes to businesses by ensuring a digital transformation that helps to achieve desired sales outcomes. Generally, it has many useful aspects such as tracking sales volumes, sales representatives, and customers and designing new strategies according to it. It also allows sales managers/leaders to fix equitable sales incentives and share simultaneous feedback.

Sales performance management software create visible sales growth
Sales performance management software create visible sales growth

Key Work Benefits of Sales Performance Management Software

Sales performance management software is used for unifying the sales processes, therefore, creating a sales ecosystem that is less prone to errors. In this case, sales representatives and managers have more time to focus on the core of the processes and find room to make healthier decisions that pave the way for selling. As a result, people tend to achieve better outcomes and are kept motivated through the useful features of sales performance management software.


Naturally manual processes are a lot more vulnerable to inefficiency compared to digitalized ones. This means leaders and sales representatives should expect less inefficiencies with the help of Spm. Sales Performance Management software is a satisfactory instrument that is able to minimize unwanted factors while boosting sales performance. Needless to say that this transformation results in an increase in sales return of investment.


Another benefit of the sales performance management software is operational. Spm will improve the sales incentive systems. A Real-time data-led approach will eliminate the unjust distribution of sales incentives to sales representatives through transparency. Many desirable outcomes of this practice exist, including higher levels of productivity and satisfaction amongst employees. Spm will lead the way for your sales representatives as well by allowing immediate auto-feedback which makes it easier for your employees to design their career pathways for the better.


Owing to the digitalized automated system, any action against and for the changes in the sales ecosystem will need smaller amounts of time and effort investment. Sales performance management systems intrinsically reduce risks through the sales process which brings our focus to revenue predicting. Eliminating such risks has great significance for the future revenues. Businesses that invest in sales management software can even learn certain buying patterns of their customers and finance team will successfully predict the growth in revenues that is closer to actual amount of account receivable.

Sales management software makes it possible to create solid forecasting
Sales management software makes it possible to create solid forecasting

How to Improve Sales Performance with Peerbie?

For the sales leaders and managers who are looking for an outstanding help to overtake the digitalizing industry that is looking for data-led solutions for sales performance management, more and more every day, PeerBie as a platform provides perfect services.

PeerBie empowers you to thrive in sales performance management by solving problems in back office thanks to automatizing processes. It helps businesses to organize and track their goals quickly. PeerBie as a single platform answers many needs including saving you time by minimizing data entry. You can both see the real-time and accurate activity of your sales representatives and customers and lead them to business goals. To keep your business on track you can assign tasks or prioritize the ones in hand. Additionally PeerBie meets other needs with features such as real-time communication of information whether it be a conversation or a file with a customer or/and an employee.

PeerBie allows you to manage and reach to your customer with ease for a better sales strategy
PeerBie allows you to manage and reach to your customer with ease for a better sales strategy

You can be constantly in touch with your customers and employees. As all sales leaders are aware, sales strategies and processes should be always quickly adapted or reshaped according to new information and the behaviour of customers and employees. With the assistance of PeerBie real-time data are being made available. You can read the situation from accurate non-manipulated data and reach your sales representatives and customers with a single click and take corrective or supporting action in no time.

In terms of sales performance management, the future is already here. The next crucial steps are being taken toward more and more transparent and digitalized businesses to be able to directly get involved with the processes. You can rapidly identify your customers’ needs by learning how they behave when encountering your current sales pitch. Right after, you can fill in the gaps and meet your customers’ expectations based on the sales data that PeerBie is communicating.  A Sales performance management tool will help you to monitor all of the information that a sales leader needs. So waste no time, key features to better sales performance are one click away with PeerBie.

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