Today, in a world where almost everything is digitalization, everything moves very fast. Traditional methods are getting weaker day by day because they are slow and insufficient. Digitalization brings speed and convenience. Project management software makes it easy to get things done without being tied to a physical place and time. You can increase your profit by saving time and cost with a project management software suitable for organizational needs. So how to choose the right project management tool?

According to PWC, digital project management software improves performance, and 77% of high-performance projects use project management software. Project management tools provide the opportunity to work more planned and faster thanks to technology, allowing even high-intensity projects to be easily managed.

Project management software is becoming very valuable as tools that can meet the needs of the time with its communication, speed and easy accessibility. You can plan, track and manage your project digitally from the beginning to the end.

Project Management Software

How to Choose a Project Management Software?

The needs and priorities of every organization are not the same. Project management tools are good but using a tool that doesn’t suit your needs can detrimental you and your budget. Here are a few steps to choose a right project management tool:

  1. Needs and Priorities

    Not all project management software performs the same function. In some, communication is at the forefront, while in others task management is at the forefront. So, first of all, you need to determine what you need. Determining the scope and nature of the project will help you make a choice.

    In some projects, it is extremely important to have a regular workflow and to follow the current status of the tasks, while in some projects, communication is of primary importance. “What kind of problems may you encounter in your project and how can you solve them, what features are indispensable for a successful output?” You can determine the features that the project needs by answering questions such as or listing the facts you noticed.

    For example, you may have concerns and needs such as:

    – Storage space

    – direct message

    – Task management

    – Performance evaluation

    – Guest login


  2. Best Options

    After the priorities and needs are determined, the product research phase can be started. At this stage, you can search for project management software compatible with the criteria you have determined and create a list according to your budget. It may also give an idea to examine the programs of other organizations in the same sector as you and that you know have a similar organizational structure. In addition to the basic functions of the project management you will use, you can also examine other side functions such as interface and shortcuts.

    The project management tool chosen may seem flawless but reading user reviews of the product you like will give you information about the software’s ease of use, speed, customer service and functionality.

  3. Test

    Be sure to try project management software that you think can meet your needs. If you have the chance to try it for free, take advantage of this opportunity. Note that project management software that doesn’t offer free trials has been eliminated from the start, and if the product you want doesn’t offer a free trial, switch to another.

    A project management software may look great from the outside. But being perfect and meeting your needs doesn’t mean you can use this software. Does the software freeze, is the interface simple and clear, do you like the design, does it have shortcuts, how do they deal with the customer when there is a problem with the software… These criteria are also important for a sustainable use.

    How to Choose Project Management Tool?

    Some criteria may appear to be met, but there may be variation in content. For example, you need storage space for your project, and the project management software you choose gives you storage space. But how many GB? Is the given area valid for everyone or is it given per person? Do not forget to get answers to such questions.

    It is very important for the project employees to try the tool during the testing phase. An app can be really good, but that’s not good if employees are having trouble using it.

  4. Feedback

    The best way to do due diligence before making changes within the organization is to get feedback. Your team is like the wheels that move your business forward, if the wheels don’t turn, your business won’t move forward. So investing in a product your team doesn’t approve of is a dead investment. Not only do you incur economic damage, but you can also incur losses in terms of productivity by reducing the efficiency of your employees.

    You can talk to your employees and send a survey to get feedback. You can ask not only their opinions about the software but also their experience with the related software so that you can discover the features you missed but wanted.

  5. Cost

    When you find a project management tool that can meet the needs of your organization and that your team likes and wants, we can move on to the cost stage. The desired product may be a little costly, but if it is thought to be really efficient and the majority likes it, buying the product may be too costly in the short run, but in the long run it will make things easier and make up for the money paid.

    When you finally decide to purchase the product, use it monthly and make a final decision, taking into account performance evaluation and employee feedback throughout the period of use.

Project Management Software: PeerBie

PeerBie, a business management software, is comprehensive and affordable. Here’s what you can do with PeerBie:


With PeerBie, you can communicate with your teammates regardless of time and place. You can message individually or as a group, organize video conferences, share posts and surveys with Zoom integration or PeerBie infrastructure.

Project Management

You can work comfortably on your projects by creating teams with PeerBie. You can assign responsibilities and tasks, see the project progress moment by moment, and give feedback to your team members.


With PeerBie, you can run your business comfortably from a single platform without getting lost among different tools. PeerBie securely stores your personal or business-related files with its storage space.

Task Management

By PeerBie, you can organize your calendar, prepare To-Do lists for all your individual or team To-Dos, and add them to your calendar with deadlines.

How to Choose Project Management Software?


You can reach a more comfortable workflow with various integrations with PeerBie. With Zoom, Google Drive and social media integrations, you can organize meetings, transfer files or automatically share your posts by scheduling.


PeerBie is an affordable and comprehensive project management software. You can try PeerBie, which has a trial version, and then switch to the Premium version.

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