The concept of working has changed over the past years. Studies show that flexible working has increased by %44 percent compared to the past. Especially, with the pandemic flexible work hours and location have gained another perspective. Although flexible working was common before the pandemic, after the pandemic it becomes an inseparable part of our lives.  Flexible working is an alternative to strict working hours. Some people regard it as an escape from strict office working hours, but it is more than that. Let’s explain it in detail.

Flexible working is an alternative to strict working hours.
Flexible working is an alternative to strict working hours.

What is Flexible Working?

Flexible working refers to working from home or starting and finishing work in flexible hours. With flexible working, you have the advantage to spare your time. You can tailor your working hours and location. It definitely prevents you from having stress on traffic, rushing in the early hours, or waiting at the office even when you finish your tasks. It presents a non-traditional perspective on 9 to 5 working hours.

For example; in UK law, certain groups have the right to request flexible working. Since 2003, parents who have children under 6, or have disabled children under 18 have the right to request flexible working. Nowadays, many other countries are planning to arrange the law more desirable for employees.

What Are the 4 Benefits of Flexible Working?

Having flexible working gives many opportunities to the employees. We already said that with flexible work employees spare their time from stressful wait in traffic, and waiting at the office to leave even if they already finish their tasks. Here, there are the 4 other benefits of flexible working.

1. Reduces Office Space

The advantages are not only for employees. Flexible working is very practical, especially for small businesses or employees. It can save up to a big amount of budget for these businesses. Apart from the expenses, saving electricity and reducing commuting make these companies eco-friendly and greener.

2. Increases Job Satisfaction

Researches show that working flexible hours increases job satisfaction to a great extent. It brings the result that, employees work in these companies for longer periods and feel more belonging to work. They become far more likely to achieve success at their work.

Flexible Working Increases Job Satisfaction
Flexible Working Increases Job Satisfaction

3. Reduces Stress and Anxiety

There are many undesired emotions that occur as a result of strict work such as; anxiety, stress, depression, or stress. Research proves it; according to a Labour Force Survey from Health and Safety Executive; in one year period 15,000, 000 days were lost to mental health problems caused by strict work. When we look at this percentage, it seems like flexible working hours are crucial for employees’ mental health.

4. Helps to Recruit Top Talents

With the help of this working preference, recruiters attract the top talents. As people are more likely to prefer flexible working they apply to jobs that give them this opportunity. As a recruiter, when you offer this work style, you will not miss the employee who has the higher talents and who is going to carry your business to a higher level.

How to Balance Flexible Working?

Although working flexibly has its advantages, it also takes its share of challenges. One of the biggest issues of flexible working is maintaining productivity. It may not be easy to concentrate at work, following your schedule and tasks while you are home, having your children, or having house responsibilities. Here Peerbie helps you to schedule your time, have great success at remote working, follow events, keep your conversation going with colleagues and compare your working hours.

  • Set Schedule for the Day

Set your day beforehand. Make it your goal to finish your tasks according to priority. With Peerbie, you can add your tasks to your calendar. It will help you to remember what you are supposed to do that day.

  • Create Relationships outside

If you live in the same city as your colleagues, the best thing for you to do would be to keep in touch with your colleagues from time to time. Invite them for a coffee, or dinner so that you can share your experiences and learn from their experiences. It is always good to have a relationship outside of work. It will help you to be more connected with your work and reduce your stress or anxiety.

  • Do not Miss Events

Events are very significant for the future of the companies. You learn updates, see the progress, and strengthen your connection with your team. Always be sure that you attend meetings or any event that is created. You can get support from Peerbie Events to see which events are created for the week.

Peerbie Events
Peerbie Events
  • Set Certain Times for Your Breaks

Always be sure that you do not overrun your break times. When you take your personal phone or start to talk with your family members you may miss time. If it is difficult for you to balance break hours in the beginning, you can set an alarm as a reminder. Also, With Peerbie, you can see how many hours have you worked. It will help you greatly to compare other days and see how you use your time.



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