Frequently Asked Questions

What is PeerBie?

To communicate in real time with the social environment in school or business life. PeerBie is a mobile app that allows you to stay in touch with your friends, family members and the places you live in and enables you to communicate in real time with the social environment in school or business life. With PeerBie you can share to a network as you wish in seconds with a single application.

In which areas can I use PeerBie?

High school or university! Wherever you’re studying, get ready to get in touch with your schoolmates and instructors through a single app! PeerBie is a blessing to increase productivity and keep track of your business! Now you can track your projects through a single application, view your colleagues’ revisions instantly, and discuss them on any topic.

What can I do with PeerBie over my school network?

You can follow exam dates closely, you can receive instant notification of any date changes. You can exchange information and notes with your schoolmates studying in the same department. You can follow various conference and event announcements closely, create interaction through the application and participate with your school friends. If you are in a preparation department, you can benefit from the experiences of the upper classes, and you can get support over the application by opening titles about all the topics you wonder about your school life. You can have access to all the clubs in the school, you can have information or you can join the them. In order to continue your communication with alumni, you can join the alumni groups and you can organize the meetings and participate in the organizations.

What can I do with PeerBie over my business network?

You can take very fast action with real-time communication and you can follow the projects closely. You can make your colleagues comment on your reviews about your work. You can organize meetings, and view the attendance status instantaneously. You can make your colleagues comment about advances in your projects.

When is PeerBie implemented? or When does PeerBie go live?

We are constantly working to implement the application in the fastest way. PeerBie will soon replace the App Store and Play Store.