Executive Guide

Use this guide to learn how executives can use PeerBie Mywork to amplify company culture and boost transparency.

Lead from the front
Lead from the front


Lead from the front

Go Live

Reach people no matter where they are. Use Live video to hold town halls or Q&As and invite people to participate with polls and comments.

Post regularly

It only takes 10 minutes a day of being active on PeerBie Mywork to have a significant impact on the community. Try building a content calendar with your team. Once you have that, you can also schedule posts in advance on specific topics such as a weekly leadership message.







Collaborate & Communicate
Collaborate & Communicate


Collaborate in an executives Channel

Create a secret executives Channel to stay connected with the rest of your executive team.

Connect with 1:1 Channels

Secret 1:1 Channels are great for assigning tasks, giving feedback, or having private chats with your direct reports.

Move fast with Workchat

Use chat when you need a quick back-and-forth with colleagues that won’t clutter up a Channel page.




Keep a Pulse on Your Feed
Keep a Pulse on Your Feed

Keep a Pulse on Your Feed

Check your Feed

Check your News Feed regularly. Follow people to make sure you never miss a post, and comment or react to posts to show people you’re engaged.

Promote your posts

Have a System Admin promote your posts so everyone sees them at the top of the News Feed.







Learn how to use PeerBie MyWork to engage with your organization.

As an executive using PeerBie MyWork, you have the power to amplify your company’s culture, promote transparency, and ensure that remote workers feel better connected to Headquarters. This guide outlines best practices for executives working in PeerBie MyWork to engage and empower their organization.

1. Connect to your whole org with Live

Video Conference allows you to connect to all members of your organization, no matter where they’re located. Use video conferences to hold town halls or Q&As, and invite people to participate with polls and comments.

Follow these steps to hold a live Q&A:

• Create an event or Video Conference in the Company FYI channel to announce the date and time of the Q&A.

• Create a poll in the Company FYI group asking people for feedback on what topics they’d like you to cover.

• Promote your Q&A through your corporate channels, such as email, to make sure no one misses out.

• To go video conference, click into the + Action list and select Video Conference

• Add a description for the video conference

• Start the live video by selecting Start

• We recommend that you go live for at least 10 minutes so your employees have time to tune in

2. Collaborate with your executive team in an executive channel

You and your executive team are probably pretty busy, and your time to meet and have discussions is limited. Use a private Executives channel to stay connected and collaborate, even when you can’t meet in person.

The Executives channel is kept private, so your posts are private and secure. People who aren’t members of the channel won’t be able to find it through search and won’t be able to see members or posts.

3. Communicate with your direct reports in 1:1 channels

Replace email communications with private 1:1 channels with each of your direct reports. Private 1:1 channels are great for assigning tasks, giving feedback, and discussing performance evaluations. Use them to stay up-to-date on what everyone is working on by asking your direct reports to post their weekly priorities in the channel.

4. Check your News Feed regularly

Check your News Feed regularly to keep a pulse on your organization. Be sure to follow people that you work with regularly, like the rest of the executive team and your direct reports. PeerBie MyWork will prioritize their posts and comments in your News Feed.5. Comment and react to posts

Comment and react to posts to let people in your organization know that you’re listening and you’re engaged. The great thing about PeerBie MyWork is, you can do all of this conveniently from your phone.

Use PeerBie MyWork to:

• Give feedback

• Offer encouragement

• Recognize colleagues for a job well done

• Ask questions

6. Make sure your posts are promoted in the News Feed

7. Post regularly

It only takes 10 minutes a day of being active on PeerBie MyWork to have a significant impact on the community. While it’s important to have regular posts, it’s not a numbers game. Develop a pattern that works for you and stick to it as much as you can.

Try building a content calendar with your team. It’s helpful to start off with special dates from your company calendar.

8. Get answers fast with Chat

Use chat for communication that would otherwise clutter your channel page. Chats are best in situations when you need an answer fast, or when you’re just communicating back and forth with your colleagues. Information can get buried in a chat after a few days, so make sure you post important content directly to your channel page.

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