Executives on PeerBie Mywork – Do’s & Don’ts

The “How” – Content of your Engagement


  • Start with simple interactions; scrolling through News feed to feel the pulse of the company, reacting and commenting to
  • Create or join a closed or secret Channel to engage with other executives in your

Comfort Zone

  • Make one-off  posts  to  celebrate  accomplishments  and  announce  changes  in  the
  • Move WhatsApp conversations to Work
  • Create 1:1 secret Channels with your direct reports to replace 1:1


  • Host impromptu  Live  sessions  in  the  All  Company  Channel,  eliciting  feedback  and  questions through  polls and
  • Hold yourself to a cadence of

Motivating Mondays

Make a post to share your thought leadership: from  your  weekly  objectives  to  other  top of mind priorities to industry articles.

Pro Tip: Bring  your  message to  life  by  varying  formats  between  status  up dates,  links,  photos,  videos, Live video, and more.

Interacting Wednesdays

Spend 10 minutes looking at the content shared by your teams. React or comment to encourage ideas and behaviors.

Pro Tip: Ask your PA or trusted advisors to curate relevant posts for you to interact with in a secret Channel.

Praise Fridays

Celebrate someone  on  your  team  or  an  achievement (customer feedback, end of quarter, etc.).

Pro Tip: Launch  celebration  themes  aligned  to  important  milestones  e.g.  company  anniversary, appreciation week, etc.

The “What?” – Top Executives Behaviors on PeerBie Mywork.

Here are our top five tips on how to be an impactful leader on PeerBie Mywork, based on the principles from Facebook’s Business Influencer program. This training is designed for world leaders to build their social media persona and best engage with their following.

  1. Be yourself

Always use the first-person and speak in your own distinct voice.  Share what makes you unique: your passions, interests, insights and career path.


  1. Be strategic

Starting  with  your  business  or  communication  objectives,  develop  a  content  strategy,  team  workflow, and specific goals  you can measure or evaluate.


  1. Be relevant

Share news with a concise update revealing why it matters to you and your audience. Consider opportunities to  break news and share insights  with your  employees  first.


  1. Be consistent

Begin with a rhythm that works for you and engage more as you become comfortable.


  1. Be engaged

Show your audience you’re listening and value them. Ask questions and solicit their input.

If you noticed there are no “Don’ts”, you caught us – in short, most impactful leaders are authentic and active on PeerBie Mywork.

But here’s a “Don’t” for you: Don’t hesitate to share something personal or close to your values and beliefs. It  will  reflect  your  authentic  voice,  a  key  reason  for  employees  to follow  you  on  PeerBie Mywork.