Manage Customer Relationships And Project Workflow In One Place

Focus on client project management solutions in a highly communicative workplace.

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Lead your customers and manage deals.

Make way to earn more leads, gain customers from conversations and grow your revenue fast.

You can see from which sector your customers come from and from which team they reach you. Develop new sales strategies according to data.

Choose which departments to work with according to the structure of your customers. This added security will allow your sales team to access customer data while your marketing team will not be able to access customer data.

Customize who gets access to customer information and maintain security.



Follow the customer’s process step by step & Name your stages based on your sales process

Work with your team in a collaborative workspace on customer management processes.

When the customer returns to sale, mark the trial period or work on it. When it goes to payment, make it active and follow the next actions.

Schedule calls, emails, and plans with customers via PeerBie.


Experience next-generation customer management with the combination of all business processes.

Add a task to the relevant team according to your projects with your customers. This task will appear directly on the employee’s calendar. Employees can switch directly to the customer details page from the tasks.

Communicate with customers on desktop, on mobile. Anywhere.

As soon as your team clicks on the customer phone number, they are directed to the call screen, and also you can send an e-mail with one click.

All information about the customer is available on the administration page. By using PeerBie on IOS and Android devices, your field team also always stays in touch with up-to-date information.


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