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PeerBie is not just a project management software, you can also communicate with your clients and colleagues.

How to Communicate with Others on PeerBie?

There are a few ways to communicate with others on PeerBie. You can create a new post or send a direct message.

Add the Post


  1. Click the “+” button on the homepage
  2. Choose “Post something”
  3. Select who you want to share this post with
  4. Assign a topic title
  5. Type in your post
  6. You can choose share-ability (if WorkSpace admin allows it)
  7. You can add files, locations, articles, hashtags or you can mention someone

Setup meeting

  1. Click on the “…” and choose “Setup meeting”
  2. Select the team whom you want to meet with
  3. Choose the platform: Zoom, PeerBie
  4. Assign a name to the event
  5. Fill in description about the meeting (optional)
  6. Set the start and end date/hour
  7. Select a location (optional) then post it

Ask a question

  1. Click the “…” button and select “Ask a Question”
  2. Select whom you would like to ask this question to
  3. Assign a topic title
  4. Add a file (optional)
  5. Add options for a survey
  6. By clicking “more” select sharebility
  7. Post the question

Recommend something

  1. Click on the “…” and choose “Recommend Something”
  2. Select the people you would like to recommend
  3. Assign a topic title
  4. Add a file (optional)
  5. By clicking “more” select sharebility
  6. Post it


If you want to see posts shared by others

  • Go to the right filters panel of the homepage and filter the posts by project or team

Additionally you can turn the post into a task, add to a collection, set a reminder, share the post with other people, mute, edit or delete


  1. On the homepage go to the left panel and select “Chats”
  2. You can reply to a received message
  3. If you want to send a message to more than one person you can create a group by clicking “Group Conversation” or you can send a direct message by clicking “Personal Message”