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PeerBie is a business management software that offers an efficient working environment and virtual office by incorporating most of the features that an organization needs in today’s digitalization era. PeerBie provides opportunities for both organizations and individual work. You can work from the office or remotely, individually or as a team.

With the project management, team building features and uninterrupted communication network provided by PeerBie, you can work as a team. With product management and time management, you can easily manage your work even if you are a freelancer, and you can work efficiently by organizing your to-do list and calendar. PeerBie is suitable not only for freelancers or companies, but also for individual uses, non-profits and various organizations.

Although PeerBie has many features, these features can be used in different ways for different purposes. For example, time management data is presented in the form of reports, making it easier in order to you to evaluate performance. The to-dol lists of the employees are recorded in their calendars and can be shared with their teammates, so that the leader can perform the workload management correctly by making the assignment of tasks more fair.

PeerBie Academy introduces multiple features and functions to help you handle many tasks comfortably. We have prepared some tutorial videos for beginners or those who want to get the maximum benefit from using PeerBie more effectively. By watching the videos below, you can discover key features and use them to work more effectively and efficiently.