More businesses than before have switched to remote working with the Coronavirus pandemic. New startups also develop their business models in this direction since remote work models are beneficial in establishing teams that are more inclusive and development-oriented by eliminating geographical factors. With the tools developed by digital applications and software, it became very easy and more effective to manage remote teams.

According to a study by Global Workplace Analytics, the number of people working from home increased by 173% since 2005. There are now more than five million remote workers in the United States.

However, as common as remote working nowadays, team managers still face some challenges. Some of the companies and businesses did not have a remote work model and plan on their agenda before the global pandemic, thus, adopting new ways of managing may be complicated when it comes to managing remote teams. Common challenges your team might be facing are such as:

  • Lack of communication
  • Scheduling conflicts
  • Low productivity
  • Limited accessibility
  • Progress tracking difficulties
6 Easy Tips To Improve Remote Teams Management
Use PeerBie to follow your tasks, time, and team with few clicks only.

Remember, a team is only strong when the individuals in the team work together in harmony and balance. Therefore, it is essential to establish efficient teams for effective task management – a collaboration of your employees is necessary to achieve project goals. Managing efficient remote teams will create both the best results for the company and highly motivated individuals who work for the company’s success.

Tips for Leading Remote Teams

1. Communicate More

Remote teams need clear concise communication when it comes to delegating tasks and checking in on responsibilities. Top communication tools are critical to sending and receiving new information in order to keep up with the progress of your project or business plan. It will be very beneficial for remote teams to have effective communication when an urgent meeting is required or an e-mail that requires a response.

Ensure that there is a balance between continually pinging employees and delegating workflow by setting up automation. Team management software with communication tools will help you build a solid communication process for managing remote teams successfully.

While working remotely you will be running the process of your project through the digital environment. And how is it possible to carry out communication in a healthy and successful way with dozens of applications and tabs? Get a digital workplace space that combines communication and projects management with PeerBie.

  • Create different communication channels – chats with team members
  • Have group channels for your team or different departments
  • Make your video calls within the same app
  • Communicate with your customers by establishing external channels
6 Easy Tips To Improve Remote Teams Management
Communication is essential for remote teams.

2. Follow Daily Check-Ins and Performance

It is important to ensure workforce performance while managing remote teams. Allow your team to be more accountable and reduce skipped tasks. You can automate notifications and follow the daily time and performance process without constantly overseeing your team members.

With the feature of ‘start the day’ in PeerBie, your team members can register that they have logged into the work system and also indicate that they have left with the option ‘end the day’. You can monitor the tasks and the progress throughout the day. In this way, you are not going to need set constant press on them and ask about their situation over and over on the same day. This will bring another positive aspect by creating a more trusting relationship between you and your team.

3. Hold Regular Meetings

Setting up regular group meetings is essential to manage remote teams. Organize virtual events and team-building activities to foster a sense of unity. Regular meetings will help employees bond and build connections with each other. It will conclude with an environment where everyone can express their thoughts, so miscommunication in the workplace can be prevented.

4. Be a Leader

If you want to become the best team manager, you need to coach and mentor your employees rather than just focusing on managing them only. Since your team will act with your leadership, your approach to them also determines their attitude within the team. Remember to see yourself as a leader, not a boss. Prioritize your team.

It is much more important for remote teams where distances are involved. Focus on:

  • Asking for team members’ ideas
  • Respect their limits off work
  • Be empathetic
  • Have open-ended conversations
  • Acknowledge their efforts
6 Easy Tips To Improve Remote Teams Management
Create a connection with your team.

5. Give Feedbacks

Feedbacks help remote teams to avoid major mistakes since it will execute a clear and honest communication flow. But feedback is not an action to be talked only once a month. Constantly convey your positive or negative observations to your team. Also, leave a door open for them to give you feedback on their work, about you or the team.

6. Use Technology

Technology empowers remote teams by presenting a whole new space for your team. It can be leveraged to build a community. PeerBie offers tools for face-to-face interactions, separate instant messenger, and a social space where employees can discuss. Create ‘To-Do Lists’, monitor your projects and team performance, and manage your products. Accomplish all these everywhere at any time. PeerBie is compatible with Web, IOS and Android systems which allow remote teams to be in contact with any device.

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