While some teams exhibit effective teamwork, other teams may remain as dysfunctional or not effective as others. Have you ever wondered what it might be about? Employees, workplace, or motivation? What is the reason?

There is no single answer to this question. Because no one gets together and magically starts working great as a team or solving all the problems in one sitting. Making teamwork successful relies on a few elements, time and patience. Different personalities can work together to get the best outcomes when they operate as a team.

Effective teamwork is both easy and complicated at the same time. It may take longer to achieve harmony and hard work for some teams, while others can complete each other like a missing puzzle piece. But it is possible for everyone to work successfully as a group.

Why Does Your Business Need Teamwork?

Businesses, who have effectively integrated a collaborative mindset into their business culture, can receive the benefits of cooperation. But, it takes dedication, leadership, and determination. Especially, this dedication must begin with the leader in a business team.

6 Best Tips for Succesfull Teamwork in Business
Teamwork is the key to successful projects

In of the issues of Harvard Business Review, Francesca Gina wrote: ”This dynamic must be set in motion by those in charge. Many leaders – even ones steeped in enlightened management theory- fail to consistently treat others with respect or to do what it takes to earn it from others.” At the companies that succeed in building a collaborative working culture, she noted, employees, feel heard and are thought to develop more innovative ideas.

Giving importance to teamwork in business brings benefits in every aspect, you can get quick results and complete your projects without any issues. Therefore, work progress can be profitable in terms of time and you can invest remaining resources into other projects.

PeerBie for Successful Teamwork

Successful teamwork is important for employee engagement and the well-being of people. It can also balance the workload. To achieve the benefits, you need a business management application that speeds up the entire process. PeerBie designed all the tools you need to increase your success. Now let’s look at the tips:

1. Establish an Active Communication

Employees who know how to listen to their team friends are extremely valuable to the team. For a successful collaboration, a team needs people who understand, listen, and can objectively review the perspectives and thoughts of others. Likewise, a teammate should be able to listen to criticism of the other without being self-protective. Maintaining active and correct communication ensures the acceleration of all work.

Communication has become critical, especially with the spread of remote working and hybrid working modules. It can also be difficult to maintain active communication within long hours and large places in offices. That’s why your business needs software that provides an easy and accessible communication space.

Unlike similar software, PeerBie has communication tools as well as project and task management. By establishing one-to-one or group conversations, you can make any necessary conversation over PeerBie without getting lost between calls and e-mails.

2. Having a Common Goal

Having common goals is a must when it comes to successful teamwork. Setting a goal as a little portion of the team will cause loss of concentration. Setting a common goal should always be at the core of your agenda since collaboration requires the formulation of common goals and effective allocation of roles. Members should concentrate on the main objective rather than their own for successful work which will create a teamwork spirit.

3. Change Your Leadership Style

Participate leadership comprises leading meetings, assigning tasks, recording past actions, and monitoring progress while holding team members responsible for each step, therefore the leader is not the only decision-maker.

It means that each team member must actively participate in guiding the team which brings them together for a common goal as mentioned before. Since they are more involved in the process with participate leadership style, the team is more likely to have positive outcomes and better contributions. Check out our article about leadership styles and make the necessary changes for successful teamwork!

6 Best Tips for Succesfull Teamwork in Business
Your leadership styles can affect your team.

But remember, being a leader is not easy. Allocating the right roles and responsibilities to and controlling your team is crucial. But it does not have to be a heavy workload. With PeerBie, you can keep track of your work from anywhere and anytime.

Assign special tasks to departments and teams, send deadlines and orders of importance, allow everyone to make their plan. In addition, you can monitor who started when, how long they worked, and which tasks they finished with ‘Daily Dashboards’.

4. Being Flexible

Teams can often encounter changing situations. In this case, they may sometimes need to change themselves as well. Good team players are those who adapt to change, they do not complain or get stressed about a new situation. They can see the positive side of new situations and come to a compromise when necessary. Teamwork comes from collaboration, therefore, being flexible is very important when it comes to creating projects and working on them.

5. Handling Conflicts is the Key

Most people today try to solve problems by avoiding them. This approach can be effective in some situations, but sometimes it is a more effective method to face problems and try to solve them. Long-term effective solutions can be produced by taking the opinions of both parties.

The aim is to reach an approach that both parties like; is to keep good business relations in the office environment. Being able to solve the problem and looking at the problem from a different angle can produce creative and productive results.

6. Open Space for Creativity

Different perspectives, creativity, and innovation are expected elements in successful teamwork, therefore they should be encouraged. Approaches like ‘We have tried it and it did not work’ or ‘What a stupid concept!’ should not be permitted in meetings.  The members of the team must understand the power of unique perceptions from every individual that can improve the process, achieve a goal or create something new.

6 Best Tips for Succesfull Teamwork in Business
Create a place for your team where they can talk and share openly.

Increase the number of ideas in your workplace with PeerBie, you can always discuss new ideas in your workspace. Go to your homepage and create a post, you can share it with the relevant team. Everyone in the team will be notified instantly, teams can brainstorm by commenting. Also, you don’t need to run between apps to have a meeting with PeerBie. You can hold your meetings with PeerBie and add your teammates’ calendars with the date and time.





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